Guinea is a much-loved, attractive guinea pig, but sadly, two of our household members are allergic to the hay that is 70% of a guinea pig’s diet.  He is about 7 months old, and has beautiful calico markings: black, white, and tan.  He’s a shy little guy when it comes to being held and requires a slow, gentle approach. He’s very talkative (little chirps) and will let you know when he wants to be fed.  Because he is a male, he needs to be housed alone (males will fight, and unless you want guinea pig babies, he shouldn’t be with a female) and therefore would benefit from a home where the humans will have time to pay attention to him.  Guinea pigs are diurnal, so he won’t keep you awake at night.  He’ll come with his cage, food bowl, and water bottle, and any food we have at the time of adoption. Feel free to make contact via email (below) or phone: 707-527-7116.  Thank you for your interest in adoption!  Contact:

We are looking to re-home our beautiful Manx cat. Acacia is a no-tail Manx, 6 years old, box-trained and indoor only (her choice). She prefers only dry food. She is well cared for, good hygiene, and likes to cuddle at night. She is spayed. She likes to scratch a scratching post and loves catnip!

Acacia has become extremely unhappy since we adopted our service dog 7 months ago. She deserves to be in a home where she feels safe and happy! As difficult as it is for our family, we need to do what’s best for her and find her a more appropriate placement with an improved quality of life. She will be best suited in a home without a dog.
Please contact Cera at for more details.


My husband and I have made the decision to find a new home for our cat Eli. Eli is about 10 years old, but still plays like a kitten. He is an extremely affectionate cat who is quite dog-like in that he wants to be wherever you are and involved in whatever you’re doing. He’s very cuddly and needs a lot of attention. He loves to chase after fishing rod style cat toys like feather teasers, goes nuts for lasers, and his favorite game is diving under the sheets and going crazy whenever you change the bedding. Eli is extremely social and wants to be the center of attention whenever you have guests over. He’s a beautiful blue cat with exceptionally soft plush fur, endearing crossed eyes, and a bit of a doofy overbite. 

Eli will be a fun and very loving companion for the right home, but he also comes with some challenges. He’s not a smart cat–he seems to be somewhat developmentally delayed. It’s a bit hard to describe, but it’s apparent to most people who have spent a little time with him. He also has a lot of anxiety. For the most part he expresses this by being very vocal, but he usually calms down if he’s given pets and attention. He needs a very clean litterbox (cleaned daily or every other day is fine). If his litterbox is dirty he’ll become anxious and will sometimes urinate in inappropriate places. Did I mention he was vocal? He has a very loud, and very distinctive sounding meow, and he uses it to ask for attention and to express anxiety. Being a cat though, he sleeps most of the day so you’ll get plenty of quiet time.  

Eli is fine with dogs as long as they’re fairly mellow and leave him alone. With cats, it’s hit or miss. He doesn’t understand cat social cues, so he will try to play with other cats and ignore them when they tell him to back off. He’ll bully weaker cats that run away from him. Eli can be fine with a confident, laid back cat that doesn’t mind his antics (or that wants to play with him!). Otherwise, he should probably be an only cat. 

Eli has lived as both an indoor and an indoor/outdoor cat over the years and can adapt to either. He does love spending time outside, but he is prone to getting into fights with neighbor cats, so that’s something to be aware of. 

I would not recommend Eli for a home with young children. He gets nervous when he’s picked up and may panic and scratch. This is preventable if he’s picked up correctly. Historically, he’s also been prone to feeling overstimulated while being pet and would sometimes bite in response. He has not done this in a very long time, so he may have outgrown it, and it was preventable if you paid attention to his body language while petting him. Nevertheless, I would not feel comfortable having young children handle him.  

The primary reason we’ve decided to rehome Eli is that he is having increasing conflicts with my senior female cat. He stalks her around the house and harasses her constantly and she’s becoming more and more stressed. We’re also having a baby in a couple months, and we anticipate that this shift in the household will escalate this issue further. We know that Eli will not be happy in an environment where he’s not receiving a significant amount of attention, and we want to do better for him.

Eli’s ideal person is someone who wants a constant companion to lavish with attention, cuddles, and play. Someone who isn’t too sensitive to sounds and isn’t deterred by a cat who is, emotionally, special needs. 

He’s fixed, UTD on his shots, had a dental cleaning about 2-3 years ago, and has never had any health issues. 

I can be contacted at Please include as much info about yourself and why you’re interested in meeting Eli as possible.

I’d like to introduce you to Lucy! I adopted her when she was a few months old from the humane society but now I am moving and can’t take her with me. I’d love to keep her since she has been a very good little companion. She has never ruined my furniture (she has an area rug she loves to scratch…that can go with her for something familiar if you’d like) she always uses her litter box and is an indoor only cat. She is very curious about the outdoors and so I think she would make a great indoor/outdoor cat too if you started her out slowly after the transition.

Lucy gets little bursts of energy in the morning and evening and then likes to lounge the rest of the day. She would do best with a single or couple who are home a lot. I work from home so she is used to someone being around. She would not do well with kids. However, she loves to sit next to and ON me and be pet and get scritches. She sometimes will follow me from room to room. She doesn’t like to be held or picked up but can still be very affectionate. She loves her treats and knows the word 🙂 and loves to be brushed.

It will take her time to warm up so just be patient and she will get used to your routine and fit right in! Just like any cat, you learn their little personality, when they want to snuggle and be loved and when they want space. Part of our routine is she sleeps in the living room at night and when I open my door in the morning she is right there excited to jump on the bed and get loves. Everyone says she is beautiful and oh so soft! Feel free to contact me if you have questions and for more pics! I want to make sure it is a good fit for you and Lucy girl! I am moving in two weeks so I’m hoping to find her a wonderful home as soon as possible. I will send her toys, litter box, food and water dishes with her if you’d like.  Contact: