Guinea is a much-loved, attractive guinea pig, but sadly, two of our household members are allergic to the hay that is 70% of a guinea pig’s diet.  He is about 7 months old, and has beautiful calico markings: black, white, and tan.  He’s a shy little guy when it comes to being held and requires a slow, gentle approach. He’s very talkative (little chirps) and will let you know when he wants to be fed.  Because he is a male, he needs to be housed alone (males will fight, and unless you want guinea pig babies, he shouldn’t be with a female) and therefore would benefit from a home where the humans will have time to pay attention to him.  Guinea pigs are diurnal, so he won’t keep you awake at night.  He’ll come with his cage, food bowl, and water bottle, and any food we have at the time of adoption. Feel free to make contact via email (below) or phone: 707-527-7116.  Thank you for your interest in adoption!  Contact: