Two Loving Cats — Zyon & Zaeko

September 23, 2020
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September 23, 2020

Two Loving Cats — Zyon & Zaeko

Zyon is all black with golden eyes. He is such a love! I can’t even tell you. There’s no words. I’ve never met a sweeter or cooler cat in my life. He absolutely loves to cuddle and loves to play. His favor toy is a beer bottle cap. The way he plays with it is one of the cutest things you’ll ever see — other than his cuddles. He’s an aggressive cuddler. Not to scare you. He just really loves to cuddle. He laid right next to me the entire time I was in labor with my first born. That’s devotion! He would make anyone happy! 😻

Zaeko is a big boy! Not overweight and not fat, just big. Zaeko is a grey and white tabby with white feet and the pads of his paws are black. Pretty cute! He has a little kink at the end of his tail and a funny walk which actually fits his personality purrfectly! He’s such a sweet boy. Zaeko is such a lover! He loves and gets along well with other cats. He is a scaredy cat at first — but once he warms up to you, he won’t leave you alone. He’s such an odd ball but just as sweet at can be! 🖤

They are a bonded pair. They’re not brothers by birth but by choice. They love each other so much. Ideally we’d find a home that will love them both, but ultimately just looking for the right fit.

It’s my genuine desire for each of them to be in a good home where they’re loved and played with. I would be happy to tell you all that you‘d like to know or send more pictures.

My name is Giana and my contact is below.


Continue reading for our story and why we are rehoming.

Our story…

Unfortunately our first born child was born without an immune system. After eight months of hospital isolation, chemotherapy, a bone marrow transplant, and continued lifelong monthly IVIG treatments, she was able to come home — to germ free home. Meaning we were unable to keep our indoor cats inside.

We’re now having another baby that will likely have this same genetic disorder meaning he too will be born without an immune system and require a lengthy hospital stay with extensive lifelong treatment. Both children requiring a germ free home! Meaning no indoor cats.

The cats have been doing fine outside. The issue is that we have recently moved. And though at the time of signing the lease the home owners of our rental were fine with our outdoor cats, they have since changed their mind. The on-site manager of the HOA has been complaining about them being outside of our backyard. Honestly, he’s making a big deal out of nothing because he just does not like cats. They’re great cats though — loving, calm, and cute as well as litter box trained.

Anyway, now the home owners have asked us to move our cats inside or re-home them. Of course we cannot have indoor cats because of our daughters illness. It’s very sad, but it is for the best because of our daughter’s immune deficiency and likelihood of this new baby’s lack of an immune system.

Please consider taking in these loving boys!

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